About Us

In 1998 a small group of researchers who lived within Aniene Vally’s,area i.e. the area of Turano and Marsica which is in the neighbouring Rome Districts of Rieti and Aquila ( an area within Abruzzo and Lazio ) decided to publish a pamphlet containing essays dealing with the rediscovery of the land where the ancient Equi people used to live.
The success achieved by such publication convinced the small group who were fond of homeland memories to insist on the initiative. The dummy issue of the pamphlet became a quarterly Review called “ Aequa “ celebrating in 2008 the tenth Anniversary of publication and it is the organ bearing the same title as that of the Cultural Association established for the occasion.
The said Association which aims at promoting and exploiting the historic, artistic and landscape patrimony of the land where the Equi people used to live, gave rise to many initiatives during its ten-year activities: meetings, events, excursions and publications.
In this regard, many eminent scholars collaborate dedicating their time practically to researches in Equi areas, under many aspects carrying out historic, geographic, artistic, anthropological, archaelogical and scientific surveys. Thus, the studies published by the pamphlet were not limited only to the ancient Equi people who lived for a long time in this part of the Italian peninsula, but were also extended to all the local cultures still existing.
Naturally, the primary interest concerns our Ancestors who settled within Aniene and Turano areas and mentioned also by ancient Greek writers. The Equi people probably of Osci progeny founded some cities defending themselves from Roman invasion who acquired from their culture also principles of law.
The studies of such people still continue and “ Aequa “ Association, also using its Review, intends to continue supporting such studies and thereby avoiding the fall into oblivion of such precious heritage of our culture.
(by Maalo Gebrekidan)